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Is it time to update your bathroom? The core focus of our remodeling team is bathroom remodeling. We have developed specific processes that ensure efficiency and a high level of quality for any size bathroom renovation.

Year-round, homeowners are always planning and executing their next home improvement project. Herman Construction is here to make one of the most daunting projects, bathroom remodeling, easy and convenient. With industry-leading products and service, an excellent history of reviews nationwide, and a host of customer-friendly perks, we’re the bath & shower remodeling company for you in the CSRA.

Your bathroom can make or break your house’s appeal. An old, out-of-style, or discolored bathtub can tank your home’s reputation. Are you are looking to simply update your vanities with new cabinets or new tops and faucets? Maybe it’s time for a bathroom remodeling. The Herman Construction team can help you with whatever bathroom renovation needs you desire. Are you on a limited budget? You may try to simply paint your vanity cabinets and replace the top and faucets. Another option is to replace the vanity lights and towel bars and paint the walls. On the other hand, if you are ready for a brand new bathroom we can completely overhaul your space. Almost all of our full bathroom renovations include a full tile shower, tile bathroom floor, and new vanity cabinets with granite or quartz tops. Also, you may splurge with frameless glass doors and enclosures and a free-standing bathtub. We can help with anything else you may want.

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